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Custom Canned Fruit Cocktail

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Custom Canned Fruit Cocktail 

Goods DescriptionN.W.(G)D.W.(G)tins/CtnQty(ctns)/20'Fcl
Canned Yellow peach (halves/slice/diced)226135243200
different proportions can provided
Ingredientpear,yellow peach,pineapple,grape,cherry,water,sugar
Shelf Life3 Years
StorageKeep in cool and dry place
LabelingOEM or use our own brand
Lid typeNormal lid/Easy open lid
PackingIn tins ,then in cartons as per your request
Delivery TimeWithin 25 days after deposit and label,carton approval.
Terms of paymentT/T 30% deposit

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The preparation process of canned assorted fruits cocktail is relatively simple. Fruit pieces are cut, washed, and peeled before being added to a can of water and sugar solution. The solution is then heated to dissolve the sugar, and the fruit pieces are boiled in the solution until they become tender. The entire mixture is then canned, sealed, and sterilized, making it ready for distribution.

One of the main advantages of canned assorted fruits cocktail is that it has a relatively high concentration of sugar water, which gives it its sweet and refreshing taste. However, it does not contain any sugar substitutes, which makes the original flavor of the fruits more prominent. Additionally, the flesh of the fruits remains crisp, which adds to its overall appeal.

Canned assorted fruits cocktail is exported to various regions around the world, including South America, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. The composition of the cocktail varies in different regions, depending on the availability of fruits and the preferences of the local consumers. However, the core ingredients remain the same, and the taste of the fruit cocktail remains consistent across all regions.

Consumers can enjoy canned assorted fruits cocktail as a snack, dessert, or even as a side dish. It is often used to enhance the flavor of various cocktails, mocktails, and other drinks. Moreover, it is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals and can contribute to maintaining a healthy diet.

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