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The Benefits of Can Food Cans

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Help Cut Food Waste

Can food cans are made from food that is processed and sealed in an airtight can. The process allows the food to have a long shelf life. Most canned foods have a shelf life of one to five years, but some can be stored for more. Using cans to store food will help you to conserve energy, and will reduce your food waste.Approximately one billion liters of food is saved annually when food is packaged in cans. This means less food goes to waste, and fewer fruits and vegetables are wasted. This is a huge benefit for the environment. In fact, the United States alone could save up to 22 million tons of CO2 a year if more produce was packaged in cans.




Recyclability is an important aspect of a can's lifecycle. Steel food cans can be recycled again. In fact, they are the most recycled food package in the United States. Their outer surface is almost entirely made of steel, making them reusable forever. Other food cans, on the other hand, are made of multiple materials and can be difficult to recycle. Recycling steel food cans keeps food from ending up in landfills, and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy. The EPA estimates that more than seventy percent of food cans are recycled each year.



Economic efficiency

Cans are an efficient and environmentally friendly way to transport food. They can be stacked and have a low volume, making it possible to transport more food in a smaller amount of space. This also limits the need for refrigeration. In addition, they require less energy to store than other food packaging materials.

Economic efficiency is one of the best indicators of a product's environmental impact. Canned carrots, for example, are considered the most eco-efficient canned food product. However, there are numerous other factors that affect the economic efficiency of a product. The economic efficiency of food cans is a function of cost, volume, and technology.


Health benefits

Aside from being convenient and easy to store, can foods also have many health benefits. They prevent food from spoiling and protect it from excess light and oxygen. Canned food is also often packed with preservatives. Jay Cowin, a registered nutritionist and director of formulations at ASYSTEM, recommends that consumers check the labels to ensure that they are getting the most nutritional benefits.Frequent can food use has been associated with higher nutrient intake and healthier eating habits. People who eat more canned foods are more likely to consume foods rich in potassium, calcium, fiber, and other nutrients.


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