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Canned Sardines Factory

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Canned Sardines Factory

Goods DescriptionN.W.(G)D.W.(G)tins/CtnQty(ctns)/20'Fcl
Canned sardines in tomato sauce/in tomato sauce with chili/in oil12590503200
we can do different D.W.based on client's requirement
Shelf Life3 Years
StorageKeep in cool and dry place
LabelingOEM or use our own brand
Lid typeNormal lid/Easy open lid
PackingIn tins,then in cartons as per your request
MarketSouth American,Asia,European,USA,Africa
Delivery TimeWithin 25 days after deposit and label,carton approval.
Terms of paymentT/T 30% deposit

Classification of Canned Sardines

Canned sardines can be classified into various categories depending on the processing method used. The most common classification is based on the type of oil used to preserve the fish. Among the different types, sardines in tomato sauce, brine water, and vegetable oil are the most popular. 

1. Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Sardines in tomato sauce are a popular option for people who enjoy a hint of sweetness in their seafood. The fish are canned in tomato sauce, which gives them a tangy and slightly sweet flavor. The tomato sauce helps to mask some of the strong fishy smell that many people associate with sardines. This type of sardines is commonly served with rice, pasta or in a sandwich.

2. Sardines in Brine Water

Sardines in brine water are canned with a solution of water, salt, and sometimes vinegar. The brine gives the fish a salty flavor, and the vinegar helps to break down some of the fishy smell. Sardines in brine water are known for their natural taste and are commonly used as a topping for salads or as a filling for sandwiches.

3. Sardines in Vegetable Oil

Sardines in vegetable oil are canned in a mixture of vegetable oil and salt, which helps to preserve the fish while also adding richness to the flavor. This type of sardine is usually found in a tin of sunflower or soybean oil, and is often served with crackers, bread or as a topping for pizza.

4. Sardines in Olive Oil

Sardines in olive oil are considered by many to be the premium option. They are canned in high-quality extra virgin olive oil, which enhances their flavor and gives them a smooth texture. Sardines in olive oil are often enjoyed as a standalone dish or served alongside bread, crackers or salad.

5. Sardines in Sunflower Oil

Sardines in sunflower oil are another popular option. They are canned in sunflower oil and salt and are known for their mild flavor. This type of sardine is often served with crackers or bread, and is also used in recipes like salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes.

Other Categories of Sardines

Apart from the oil-based classification, canned sardines can also be classified according to their added seasonings or other ingredients. For example: 

1. Sardines with Lemon and Pepper

Sardines with lemon and pepper are canned in a garlic, pepper, and lemon marinade, which gives them a tangy and peppery flavor. These sardines are considered a delicacy and are commonly served as appetizers or snacks.

2. Sardines with Chilli

Sardines with chili are canned with chili pepper seasoning, giving them a spicy kick. These sardines are enjoyed by people who love spicy food and are often used as a topping for pizzas, salads or as a filling for sandwiches and wraps. 

3. Sardines in Mustard Sauce

Sardines in mustard sauce are canned in a tangy mustard sauce and are known for their pungent taste. This type of sardine is often served as a standalone appetizer or used as a topping for salads and sandwiches.


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